Scents of the Season: Winter Fragrance Trends

Scents of the Season: Winter Fragrance Trends

If you've ever smelled a specific scent and associated it with a season, you know that the colder months of the year evoke certain emotions and memories. During the winter, you may be drawn to warm perfumes or colognes that make you feel cozy and that bring back the contentedness that you felt as a child, snuggled up during the coldest part of the year. If you're looking for winter perfumes to get you through until spring arrives, this list of seasonal scents will help you find the ideal product for your desires. 

Best Winter Fragrance Trends

Warm and inviting is the name of the game when you're choosing scents for the winter months. When you wear your chosen fragrance, you want it to invite you to get cozy and warm and enjoy everything the cold part of the year has to offer, from snow days to holiday parties to movie nights and more. Among the trends for this winter are the following scents. With these fabulous ingredients, there's something for every avid fragrance lover this winter.

Leather and Smoke

Reminiscent of a wood-burning fire, the combination of leather and smoke is the perfect choice for the winter months.  A lovely woody scent is a great option, whether it's cedar wood or birch. Leathery, earthy smells make a fantastic base note, so sniff out something that smells like burnt wood, suede or a warm fire burning in the fireplace. 

Dark Berries

You may not equate the scent of berries with the winter season, but dark-colored berries are a fantastic choice when the weather gets cold. The fruity smell is the perfect scent to replace tropical fruits that you may gravitate toward during the summer. Look for fragrances that offer up the timeless scents of blackberry or cherries as the base note, with an undertone of spicy scents, like black pepper, bay leaf, black tea or cedar. 

Vanilla and Other Edibles

If winter brings you memories of the holiday season and the scents it carries with it, you'll love the idea of wearing the warm scents of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, almond and milk during the coldest part of the year. The opulent scent profile of the Orient is another delicious smelling choice for the winter. Think citrus notes, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and pink pepper.

Warm Spices

If you are moving away from floral notes and toward something a bit more wintery, warm spices are the way to go. Consider looking for fragrances that boast cardamom, nutmeg and cloves, with undertones of brandy or rum, which will give you all of the warmth you crave this winter season. 


It might be winter, but if your preferred scent is something a bit more uplifting, you'll love wearing notes of bergamot when the temperature dips. It still has that woodsy undertone that goes so well with cold weather, but you also get a little bit of citrusy notes and the floral scent of lavender, giving you a mood boost when there's so much darkness and cold outside your front door. 

Fragrances for Women

Perfame Elixir No 23

The perfect blend of feminine and warm winter, this scent is a lovely choice. With base notes that includes cedar, it starts with that flicker of fire that you want when it's cold outside and continues with middle notes of vanilla and top notes of bergamot and nutmeg, evoking that perfect blend of spices to make you feel cozy all winter long. 

Perfame Elixir No 38

Ladylike, but with a base of incense, this scent is both alluring and evocative of the clean perfume you seek out in the wintertime. With a delightful mixture of spices and the airier fragrance of rose, you get the warmth you seek from the raspberry and clove and a bit of an uplift to get you through the cold with the feminine note of rose in the background. 

Perfame Elixir No 77

The reason this perfume makes so much sense for winter is the beautiful scent of musk that dominates the fragrance. You also get a lovely touch of a classic rose scent to balance it out, creating a feminine scent that you will love wearing all winter long - to work, to parties, to date night and even around the house. The simplicity is just what you've been looking for this winter season. 

Perfame Elixir No 21 

Warm and dark describe the winter in perfect detail, so it's only natural to gravitate toward such scents when you choose your cold weather fragrance. This option starts off with the rich warmth of chocolate, vanilla, amber and sandalwood and then moves toward the comforting scent of black orchid and spices and finishes with black currant and bergamot. When it comes to winter scents, this one is sure to be your favorite. 

Perfame Elixir No 39 

If you're looking for a womanly scent with the ideal complexity, you'll love what this fragrance has to offer. It offers up the subtle warmth of caramel, overlaid with the comfort and coziness of vanilla, with just the right dash of citrus to make your winter bright, clean and fun. 

Fragrances for Men

Perfame Elixir No 10 

This masculine scent perfectly marries the warmth you crave during the winter, with the ideal dose of fruity and floral splendor to give you a mood boost when it's cold and blustery outside. You'll detect the ideal base note of woody scents, including oak, as well as warm vanilla. The scent continues with birch and patchouli and progresses to a touch of black currant, bergamot and pineapple to perk you up this winter. 

Perfame Elixir No 50 

Woody notes dominate in this fragrance, starting with sandalwood and other warm scents that bring images of the earth and the woods, covered in a clean, fresh snowfall. Middle notes include a tiny touch of floral essence, then you get top notes of lemon. The result is a refreshing fragrance that offers a pick-me-up when it's cold outside, perfectly blended with the warmth you seek out during the winter. 

Perfame Elixir No 24 

If a sophisticated scent is what you want this winter, you're going to love what this one has to offer, which is all of the coziness the season calls for. The base combines a delicious mixture of black pepper, vanilla, cardamom, and other sweet spices, that balances the middle notes of gardenia and jasmine in the best way. Top notes include bergamot and orange, evoking that crisp winter morning feel that leaves you snuggling back under the blankets for a few more minutes. 

Perfame Elixir No 37 

If you're looking for a cold weather signature scent, this fragrance with notes of the woods and the earth is the ideal choice. The woody foundation offers up the glorious elixir of sandalwood, cedar and ambergris. Following it up is a delightful blend of bergamot and lavender and you end up with top notes that include crisp and inviting citrus, all of which come together in the ideal winter fragrance. 

Perfame Elixir No 25 

This traditional fragrance is the most masculine of the bunch and is ideal for all seasons, but particularly for the cold winter months. The journey of this atmospheric fragrance starts with woody base notes of cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli, each of which lingers in the best way. Middle notes include warm herbs and the top notes round things out with pink pepper and rosemary. 


Winter is a fantastic time for fragrance enthusiasts to try a new scent. If that describes you, you'll love any of the options on this list. If you want something with both a feminine and masculine feel, consider a unisex scent that gives you a little bit of both. Whatever you choose, winter will feel its very best with the perfect fragrance from Perfame to evoke the season.  

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