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Perfame Elixir No. 47

Perfame Elixir No. 47

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Inspired by Fantomas By Nasomatto
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Perfame Elixir No. 47 is a scent that defies all convention, crafted for those who embrace the enigmatic and revel in the unexpected. This unisex fragrance is a haunting paradox, wrapping you in a cocoon of love and mystery while challenging your senses with its contradictory notes. It's like time itself has paused, capturing a myriad of emotions in a single, lingering scent.

Just as Fantomas, the legendary outlaw, eluded capture by always being a step ahead, Elixir No. 47 constantly keeps you guessing. Initially, it introduces itself as a smoky, gunmetal fragrance, dense and powerful. But before you can settle into its dark embrace, an unexpected twist emerges—a delectable essence of melon that adds a whimsical layer of complexity.

Intriguing? Confusing? Absolutely! This fragrance is not for the faint-hearted. It demands attention and provokes thought, offering an olfactory experience as unpredictable as its namesake.

Scent Profile:

  • Opening Notes: A symphony of smoky undertones and metallic nuances, setting a mysterious stage for what's to come.

  • Heart Notes: Sensuality reigns with sumptuous, hard-to-place dark elements that surround you like a captivating enigma.

  • Base Notes: Just when you think you've unraveled its complexities, a surprising melon note rises, leaving you utterly captivated.

Main Accords:
Smoke, Metallic, Sensual, Dark, Melon


If you're the type who loves to venture into the unknown, who gets a thrill out of defying norms and shattering expectations, Elixir No. 47 was designed with you in mind. It's for those who aren't just satisfied with the status quo but seek to challenge it at every turn.

Brace yourself for a fragrance experience that defies categorization. Elixir No. 47 is not just another perfume; it's an invitation to explore the multi-faceted depths of your own persona. Are you bold enough to accept?

Perfume No. 47 is inspired by Fantomas From Nasomatto.


TOP: Calamus, Melon, Lavender
MIDDLE: Patchouli, Sandalwood
BASE: Musk, Dry Amber, Moss


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Perfame Elixir No. 47

Regular price $49.00
Regular price $145.00 Sale price $49.00

Perfame Elixir No. 47

Regular price $49.00
Regular price $145.00 Sale price $49.00

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